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In a train that is stopped there, Orson rushes to the engineer's block and there is a glowing book with Chinese characters on it wedged against a group of levers. Orson grabs it and the Iron Fists escape the forces of Hydra by crashing the train. Once topside on the city streets, Orson hands Danny the book and tells him that it is The History of the Iron Fist written on parchment made from the scales of Shou-Lao, which is why it glows.

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A view of E2M2: Containment Area, just after picking up the berserk powerupwith the player 's vision turned red. Of the available items, it is the only one that affects the player's ability to attack in a direct way, by increasing fist damage, and it can thus be considered as an additional attack mode, akin to a weapon. However it is still considered a powerup item as, unlike weapons, when it is picked up the sound for powerups being obtained is played, only a short name-only HUD message confirming the acquisition is shown, and it is counted in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level.

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A mummified corpse wearing a familiar yellow mask in a trailer for Iron Fist 's second season sparked speculation that the body belonged to Orson Randallwho in Marvel Comics lore was Danny Rand's predecessor as the champion of K'un-Lun. As intriguing as the theory was, we learn in the closing moments of Season 2 that it isn't quite right, but was surprisingly close. Although the Iron Fist of the early 20th century doesn't appear onscreen, he certainly has a hand in the events of the 10 episodes.

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From issue 17 to the series' cancellation at issue 27, the series was written by Duane Swierczynski and largely drawn by a returning Travel Foreman. The series' first story arc introduces Orson Randall, Daniel Rand's immediate predecessor as Iron Fistwho reneged on his responsibilities to K'un-L'un after suffering immense psychological trauma during the First World War. Jolted out of his decades-long ennui, Randall seeks out Daniel Rand in New York and gives him The Book of the Iron Fist, a sacred ledger supposedly containing all the Kung-fu secrets of previous Iron Fists, which Randall claims will be necessary if Rand is to compete successfully in the coming Tournament of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. The Steel Serpent, whose powers have been greatly augmented by Crane Mothera ruler of another timeless city, quickly dispatches Randall in single combat.

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The second season of Iron Fist was a vast improvement over the firstfocusing more on the supporting cast and introducing a compelling new villain to the mix — but things go legitimately bonkers in the final 30 minutes. The big battle between Danny, Colleen, and Davos comes to an end before the midway point, leaving a good half-hour for slow character moments and providing some breathing room for dangling plot lines. Danny spends the back half of the season coming to the stark realization that he may not have been the best equipped to carry the Iron Fist after all.

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But what is shocking is the very last scene, when Danny whips out a pair of pistols that glow yellow like his fist did previously when he uses them to shoot a bullet out of the air. Specifically, those guns Danny was using. The important thing to know about Orson Randall is that he was an Iron Fist in the past, and he had martial arts skill called gun-fu.

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The answer, unsurprisingly, is complicated. Do you have to watch season two? Of course not, especially considering how many viewers were put off by the first season.

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As you probably guessed, this article contains nothing but Iron Fist Season 2 spoilers. We have a spoiler free review right here if you prefer. Iron Fist Season 2 was, as usual, packed with Marvel lore.

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But what cards they were. The Iron Fist ending, in particular, left a path of cliffhangers, loose threads, and unresolved conflicts in its wake, leaving the door open for plenty of questions to ponder and consider before Danny Rand or any of the other Defenders, for that matter returns to our TV screens. Criticise Iron Fist all you want, but at least its showrunners finally realised that this incarnation of Danny Rand was never worthy of the sole spotlight. Well, it turns out that Ao-Shi could also focus her chi into the arrows fired from her bow, which explains why Colleen is able to do the same for her sword.


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