Tug flap breast

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TUG flap reconstruction is a form of Autologous breast reconstruction, meaning it uses your own tissues rather than an implant to create a breast mound. It can be used to carry out either immediate at the time of mastectomy or delayed after breast cancer treatment is finished breast reconstruction. TUG flap stands for transverse upper gracilis flap and involves taking fat skin and muscle from the upper part of the thigh.

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This wasn't my first choice but my stomach wasn't a viable option. I'm worried that I won't get the size I want and there seem to be a lot of people that get infections!! The donor site is still the inner thigh but goes around just under the buttock, it doesn't take any muscle only blood vessles and fat.

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The TUG transverse upper gracilis flap uses the gracilis muscle, located in the upper inner thigh. This muscle starts at your pubic bone and ends along the inside of your upper leg. The gracilis muscle helps you bring your leg toward your body.

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The flap is then shaped by the surgeon to achieve a very natural appearance and feel to the reconstruction. The two procedures differ slightly in the orientation of their scars — the TUG being across the thigh and the DUG being angled down the thigh. If you have further questions, please contact us.

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The most common types of natural tissue breast reconstruction involve the transfer of skin and fat from the abdominal wall to the chest wall. However, for some women, these techniques are ill suited to their needs. Women with slender body types or those who have previously undergone abdominal surgery may consider an alternative — transverse upper gracilis flap TUG or profunda artery perforator flap PAP breast reconstruction.

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This is usually done if patients do not have adequate skin and tissue in the abdomen or buttock region, or have had previous abdominal surgeries that may have interfered with blood vessels that the DIEP flap requires. The ideal patient for the TUG flap is someone with small breasts who does not require a significant amount of volume for the reconstruction. When the breast is reconstructed entirely with your own tissue, the results are generally more natural and there are no concerns about a silicone implant.

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Which Flap Free will be selected for Breast Reconstruction? The TUG flap has the same distribution as cosmetic thigh lift, and closure of the donor site creates a slender and attractive inner thigh donor site. The inner thigh flap also enables immediate nipple and areola reconstruction, which is a unique advantage of this reconstructive option.

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Not all patients are who researching breast reconstruction are candidates for using abdominal tissue, and some who are may not want to have scars on their abdomen. Fashionable jeans and workout sweats can reveal lower tummy skin an even the belly button, and some women may prefer this style and worry about the abdominal scarring with a DIEP flap. In addition, very thin or athletic patients may not have enough abdominal subcutaneous fat present to be a candidate for SIEA or DIEP breast reconstruction.

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If you're struggling to find what you need, call our Support line on 7 days a week, 8am-8pm. This is a free flap operation. It uses tissue from the upper inner thigh. It may be an option when the tummy area cannot be used.


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