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California Civil Rights Law Group attorneys are experienced sexual harassment lawyers dedicated to protecting the rights and safety of employees who are harassed based on their sex or gender. Being abused based on your race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or pregnancy status is illegal. We can help.

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If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a sexual assault or sexual battery crime, you might be facing many years behind bars and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Sexual assault charges are often mistaken with rape or child abuse laws. In California, sexual assault and battery cases may be filed against you as either misdemeanors or felonies depending the specific facts of your case.

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Napa County on February 27, The firm's partners, Jonathan H. SiegelJody I.

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Our lawyers have the right experience and we are passionate advocates for our clients' interests. We can help you in the same way. We have worked with clients to help them recover settlements and awards for their suffering for over twenty five years.

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Workplace discrimination can take many forms, including lack of promotion, unwarranted poor performance reviews and unfair hiring practices. Many Bay Area employees feel helpless in the face of workplace discrimination; fortunately, however, an experienced employment lawyer can assist you in filing your claim to receive compensation. Title IX is a federal law that affects all areas of education, including recruitment, admissions, and what happens in classrooms.

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Gender Discrimination Lawyer It is a violation of your civil rights for an employer to discriminate on the basis of your gender. Call us for an evaluation and consultation of your issue. John Burris has practiced in civil rights litigation for over 25 years.

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In recent years there has been a renewed public focus on the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Yet many Oakland workers may be subject to sexual harassment without realizing how the law protects them. In the broadest sense, sexual harassment refers to any form of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other verbal or physical conduct that targets a person based on his or her sex or gender.

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Sexual harassment is a serious offense in the state of California. Today, the topic has become a prominent issue, especially when discussing workplace culture. Every worker wants, and deserves, a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination since this can lead to lower stress levels and getting more work done. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case in most workplaces.

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Finally, any person who may think that they have experienced discrimination of any type, or may think of themselves as a whistleblower, is urged to reach out to an Oakland or San Anselmo Marin County attorney for a consultation. Only a detailed consultation with a sexual harassment lawyer or a lawyer specializing in whistleblowing can begin the steps to determine if one has a case that can be litigated. Unfortunately, many employees may still be exposed to sexual harassment in the workplace.

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It is intimidating to assert your employee rights, especially against a large corporation or an intimidating boss. We level the playing field for California workers who have been mistreated or taken advantage of by their employers. Our experienced trial attorneys represent employees in negotiations and litigation against employers for illegal discrimination, harassment, reprisal or termination, or for violation of wage and hour laws. We also advise employees on sensitive matters such as severance packages, documenting employer abuses, whether to quit or be fired, and whether and when to file a lawsuit.


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