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It should come as no surprise that an archival search of the U. We Americans, after all, have long been unrivaled in both our spirit of entrepreneurial inventiveness and our pathological prudery. The competition was fierce, but between the years anda total of 36 applications for such strange devices received patents.

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Take the example to the left. But you may be surprised to discover that this idea began to take root nearly a hundred years earlier. Inthe Swiss doctor, Samuel Auguste Tissot, claimed that masturbation was more dreadful than smallpox because it depleted the body of sperm, which provided vital energies.

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Male anti-masturbation apparatus, c. Part of male anti-masturbation apparatus, probably late 19th or early 20th century. This metal device is one of a number of similar devices which were invented in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to prevent masturbation.

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John Harvey Kellogg invented Corn Flakes as a means to stop masturbation. Kellogg believed a bowl of crispy morning goodness would stop youngsters from the evils of self-pollution, disease, and possible madness. Kellogg was a doctor, nutritionist, inventor, health freak, activist, and shrewd businessman. His list included poor posture, stiffness of the joints, infirmity, bashfulness, and even an unhealthy predilection for spicy foods.

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Written by: Miko. Not everyone is on board with the health benefits of masturbation. The fact that we get to talk about it at all nowadays is an important advancement.

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It appears our ancestors either weren't satisfied with hairy palms and going blind as a result of masturbation or they were only trying to prevent their loved ones from falling victim to that fate Ironically these nasty pieces of equipment that were designed to enclose your genitals to insure you did not derive any sexual pleasure from your dirty, nasty body have in latter years been adopted in the BDSM crowd as actual pleasure devices! Well there's mud in your eye, you puritan bastards!

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The rare 19th century item is made of copper and was designed to be worn by boys so they could not commit the 'sin'. Attached to a belt it would have encased the genitalia. The bizarre antique dates back to around and was used in Catholic France.

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This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Show me someone who says they've never watched porn and I'll show you a liar. We all have, at some point of time or the other, intentionally or unintentionally, seen at least a snippet of that-which-must-not-be-named and spent some 'quality time' with ourselves in the process. However, even though it's extremely common, there are some who are disgusted beyond words by the mere idea of playing with themselves.

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In the late s, masturbation was thougtht to cause everything from insanity to acne. So, it HAD to be deterred. Designed to deter wet dreams by causing enough pain to waken the sleeper if an erection threatened.

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If you were a man living in the Victorian-era and you happened to be experiencing anxiety, irritability or a loss of confidence, a visit to the doctor might lead to a series of embarrassing questions about your love life. This confession would undoubtedly unleash a diagnosis of "spermatorrhoea" — a so-called "illness" that sparked an influx of anti-masturbation devices that looked exactly like penis torture chambers. Next, your doctor might insist you purchase an anti-masturbation device such as "jugum penis", which was a jagged metal ring that attached to the base of the penis with a screw. Its sole purpose was to stop an unwanted erection because it inflicted so much pain on the poor man that self-love was out of the question.


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