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Some 40 percent of breast cancers are discovered by women, during breast self-exams. All you really need to know are a few simple techniques. The goal is to remember how your breasts look and feel normally, which makes it easier to spot or feel anything abnormal if it appears. Many changes we notice in our breasts are harmless.

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A clinical breast exam CBE is a physical exam of the breasts and the underarm area by a trained healthcare professional. If you tell your doctor about a lump or change in your breasts, you may have a CBE. Your doctor or another trained healthcare professional may also do it as part of your regular physical exam.

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Breasts are great. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, all of them very good. Even if it weren't smart for you to do a breast self-exam for your healthwe'd recommend you touch your breasts more often because it's a nice way to show your boobs more love.

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We offer a widget that you can add to your website to let users look up cancer-related terms. Menu Contact Dictionary Search. What Is Cancer?

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Your primary doctor may do one at every yearly check-up. Having a clinical breast exam is a great way to keep an eye on your breast health, and many doctors prefer to do one before referring you for a screening mammogram. If you are seeing an oncologist, the doctor or nurse can perform your clinical breast exam anytime it is needed.

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Top of the page. A breast self-exam involves checking your breasts for lumps or changes. Many breast problems are first discovered by women themselves, often by accident.

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A breast self-exam for breast awareness is an inspection of your breasts that you do on your own. To help increase your breast awareness, you use your eyes and hands to determine if there are any changes to the look and feel of your breasts. If you notice new breast changes, discuss these with your doctor. Though most breast changes detected during a self-exam for breast awareness have benign causes, some changes may signal something serious, such as breast cancer.


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