Moon pool bottom doors

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The invention large opening relates to a drilling vessel and haeyong constructions having a munpul, moon pooland more particularly, resistance is increased due to the presence of munpul, speed down, it takes increased horsepower, fuel consumption increases, the damage to the hull It relates to an open door for the resistance reducing installation on doors pulbu to minimize such. In general, ships and offshore structures for drilling has a large opening for sending down the drill pipe and equipment as sea floor: there is formed a munpul moon pool. Rigs, offshore structures of the vessel or the same purpose as the excavation line is, are equipped with a drilling rod to excavate the seabed when the nature of the hull or a marine structure of its purpose, ships are drilling forward to the installation of these drilling rods drillwell has a large opening munpul is formed, such as.

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Post photographs of automobiles you own or dream to buy! Origin of the Name. The story goes that, when the moon pool was first designed, on seeing its drawings, someone asked the naval architect responsible what exactly it was.

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Its practically the most useful module to have in a seabase as its functions include the deployment and customization of the Sea Truck and the Prawn Suit. The Seabase that the Moonpool is attached to must have power in order to dock vehicles. It can, however, undock vehicles without power.

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A moon pool is a feature of marine drilling platformsdrillships and diving support vesselssome marine research and underwater exploration or research vesselsand underwater habitatsin which it is also known as a wet porch. It is an opening in the floor or base of the hullplatform, or chamber giving access to the water below, allowing technicians or researchers to lower tools and instruments into the sea. It provides shelter and protection so that even if the ship is in high seas or surrounded by ice, researchers can work in comfort rather than on a deck exposed to the elements.

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I think one of the coolest things about the JR is the moon pool. The moon pool is the large opening in the center of the ship that allows the drill string, re-entry cones, and other equipment to pass through to the ocean below. It is literally a large opening in the ship probably close to 20 ft across with big heavy doors on the deck side that keeps it more or less closed, and no door at the bottom; this is literally a bottom-less pool.

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Offshore vessels are often built to comply with specific customer demands. Moon pool hatch covers are based on standard hatch cover design principles with special attention to slamming forces and bottom sea pressure. Tailor made solutions are available upon request, depending on ship design and purpose.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The MPHS sits over the moon pool of the vessel and lowers tools subsea on a main-lift winch. The system can also be fitted with up to four guide wire winches.

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This invention relates to a vessel having a moon pool which is commonly used for laying pipe or laying fiber optic cable or for drilling wells under the sea. In typical ships, the moon pool is closed by using conventional hinged doors. These doors have various types of appendages which often snarl and snag on hydraulic cables and electrical connection lines as the pipe is being laid, or as divers use the moon pool.

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